Latest: Space for Cycling: A ride that shows what's possible

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 24th April 2017

The Space for Cycling ride in Sheffield demonstrated what our city could look like, with the opportunity for young and old, the fit and less fit, to use this practical, convenient, fast method of transport that can help keep our air clean, our streets uncongested and improve our wellbeing.

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Latest: Trident replacement: A huge financial cost

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 15th April 2017

Trident replacement: A huge financial cost - and a massive threat to security: A £500,000 a year salary for a project manager/troubleshooter in the Ministry of Defence for the new Dreadnought nuclear submarines

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Latest: Pizza and policy: education

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 8th April 2017

Sheffield Green Party last night had its first every "pizza and policy" evening at the Union St Coworking space.

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Natalie Bennett for Sheffield Central

Natalie Bennett lives in Norfolk Park, S2. She was the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2012 to 2016.

In October she was announced as the Green Party candidate for Sheffield Central seat should there be a snap election. She spoke to Sheffield Live about that.

The speech she gave at Green Party Autumn conference 2016 - it’s time to really take back control.

The BBC wrote an extensive profile.