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Free education is a right

Education is a public good, which should be paid for from general progressive taxation. Young people should not be starting life weighed down by a huge weight of unpayable debt.


Housing you can afford

Everyone needs a secure, stable, genuinely affordable roof over their head. For people in private rental accommodation, the reality instead is often high costs, poor quality, and instability.


Jobs you can build a life on

Jobs you can build a life on pay a real living wage, provide security and the possibility of advancement and development. That's not what's available to many young people today.


Free Movement within the EU

Free movement within the EU enriches the possibilities of all of our lives. Young people should have the same freedoms their parents enjoyed.


Community-owned renewable energy schemes provide resilience and income

There's an opportunity now to build new networks of community owned, decentralised, resilient renewable energy systems, and to push to ensure that we only use the energy we need.


Protecting the rights of our EU friends, neighbours and colleagues

We should immediately guarantee the rights of people who've made their lives here to continue them with the same security as before the Brexit vote.


Education for life, not just exams

Our schools can provide an education for life, not just exams. That means abolishing SATs and Ofsted, and valuing and supporting creative and practical subjects.