Issues: Brexit

Natalie supports

  • Protection for EU residents in the UK
  • Keeping the free movement of people within the EU
  • Remaining within the single market with its protections for workers, the environment and consumers
  • Maintaining the option of a ratification referendum when it is clear what form of Brexit is going to occur (with the option of remaining part of the EU)

Thousands of Sheffield residents are from other EU countries. Many of our city’s businesses and jobs rely on trade with Europe. And European funding has been worth over £1 billion to Sheffield since the 1990s.

The Green Party is working to make sure that leaving the EU does not mean turning our back on Europe.

The final outcome must maintain consumer standards, protect workers’ rights, and preserve or enhance environmental safeguards - which means remaining part of the single market.  

Natalie will fight to guarantee the freedom of Sheffielders to live, work and study in Europe - and for EU citizens to make their lives here, too.

Young people must have the rights, freedoms, and protections that their parents and grandparents enjoyed.

The last parliament, in its vote on the invoking of Article 50, gave Theresa May's government a blank cheque for a Tory-Ukip Hard Brexit that will reduce our rights and protections. Natalie spoke out against that then, and Green MP Caroline Lucas voted against it.


Free Movement within the EU

Free movement within the EU enriches the possibilities of all of our lives. Young people should have the same freedoms their parents enjoyed.


Ratification referendum

When the Brexit referendum was conducted, no clear explanation was provided for what would happen after a 'Leave' vote. Voters must have the option to say: "this is not what we want".


Remaining within the single market

Workers’ rights, consumer safety rules and environmental protections are not just 'add ons' to membership of the single market, they are integral to it.


Protecting the rights of our EU friends, neighbours and colleagues

We should immediately guarantee the rights of people who've made their lives here to continue them with the same security as before the Brexit vote.