This isn't politics, it's physics. We have to act

We are already seeing the impact of climate change on our planet, on our wildlife, and on our communities. Extreme heatwaves and rainfall events are now at least four times more likely than before.

Around the globe people's lives – and particularly the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable – are afflicted by rapidly increasing temperatures and increasingly unstable weather patterns. Year after year we're seeing violent storms, from Eastern Asia to the Caribbean, rip through communities. In many parts of the world we're seeing farmers unable to feed their families or supply their communities, as crop failures become the norm.

And here in the UK, with summer temperatures rising, we're seeing older people suffer, and even die, from the excess heat, while floods menace communities in vulnerable areas.

We have to stop trashing the planet. We've been doing that while also creating an unhealthy, insecure society. The actions we need to take to tackle climate change create the opportunity to build a society that works far better for people.


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