Digital privacy and security

Natalie supports: 
  • The end of the snoopers' charter
  • Protection of your data
  • Strong encryption
  • A free and open internet
We live in an age where the internet is more and more important for all of us. People need to be protected on the internet and strong encryption is vital to that. The only way encryption can be strong is if no-one other than the intended recipients can see what's going between them - if there is a back door then the whole system is compromised. The current government's push for encryption to be weakened will make everyone less safe on the internet.

More and more information about our lives is being collected by companies and public sector services and it is vital that this data is handled responsibly. Healthcare data must not be sold off to private interests, and only people who really need access to your data should have it.

Natalie told a meeting of the Open Rights group in 2014: "While we're talking about digital rights, we're also talking about rights and freedoms. You don't protect freedom, democracy, rights by destroying them."

The Green Party is a champion of your rights on the internet, both in Britain and in Brussels

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016(commonly known as the "snoopers' charter") mandates surveillance of people's daily internet activities in a way which is completely unprecedented for a western democracy. The security services have had the ability to lawfully target people they suspect of committing serious crimes for several years, but the current system uses a dragnet approach of storing everyone's internet records for 12 months. This very personal data will be a target for hackers and could be misused by the security services.

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