Our society is failing disabled people

Natalie has campaigned with Disabled People Against the Cuts and many other organisations, highlighting the way in which disabled people have been forced to pay for the greed and fraud of the bankers with cuts to the essential benefits and services that they deserve.

The Green Party has been working with campaigners for the abolition of the work capability assessment, through which outsourced companies have made profits while causing misery and fear to disabled people. 

It calls for the Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment to be restored to previous levels.

Natalie has also focused on the way in which our society fails to be inclusive, supporting the Freedom Riders of South Yorkshire, and focusing on support that family and friend carers need. 

Our society remains deeply discriminatory, and disabled people have suffered greatly under the Coalition and Tory governments. No one should be living in fear of the brown envelope on their mat, with the uncertainty and fear of being penniless as so many disabled people now are.


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