Education for life, not just exams

English schools have been forced to become exam factories, with pupils forced through test after test. This has done damage to the mental health of pupils, even in primary schools, and resulted in a far lesser education that's failing to prepare pupils for the workplaces, and worlds, of the future.

Natalie is proud that the Green Party policy is to abolish SATs tests and Oftsed, and the narrow, rigid national curriculum - allowing schools to teach using the history, culture and environment of their local community.

Creative and practical subjects, from performing arts to music to woodwork and metalwork have been dropped or downgraded.

Dropping creative subjects means young people will have a poorer life. It is also economically shortsighted, when the creative industries are an essential part of the British economy.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has championed the PSHE Bill, to ensure fully inclusive sex and relationship education, cookery and nutrition skills, first aid and personal finance are covered in every school. Natalie is supporting this push, and is passionate about ensuring schools prepare pupils for life, not just exams.

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