We need governments reflecting the will of voters

Our current system for deciding our representatives has its origins in the 18th and 19th centuries. Little has changed since then, with the only significant change in the 20th century being women getting the vote.

The Tory government from 2015 was elected with the support of only 24% of eligible voters. Even when only people who voted are counted, only 37% of them voted for the Conservatives, yet the party got 100% of the power.

Combine this with our unelected House of Lords, chosen by a mixture of patronage and accident of birth, and Britain, home of the so-called "Mother of Parliaments" cannot be properly described as a democracy.

Natalie has worked with Make Votes Matter, the Electoral Reform Society and other campaigners to call for a fair voting system for Britain.

We need to take back control of Westminster by delivering an electoral system that produces a government reflecting the will of the people. Eighty per cent of OECD countries use proportional electoral systems. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the London Assembly all use proportional representation. Proportional systems have higher turnout - people know their vote will count. 

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