Health Professionals and Carers

There is global shortage of health professionals. Failing to treat ours with respect, as Jeremy Hunt failed to treat our junior doctors with respect, is playing with fire. They have the option of going anywhere in the world with their skills, and many are.

NHS workers, including all 315,000 nurses, will have seen their pay cut by 12% in a decade if Tory plans are allowed to continue until 2021. It is no wonder there is a shortage of nurses.

And with their bursaries disappearing, new nurses face 30 years of debt from tuition fees that they have no hope of repaying. It is no wonder applications to study nursing, midwifery and associated professions have plummetted.

We all know that when we need the NHS, our nurses, doctors, midwives and others will be there, and be caring, professional and brilliant. But they're being let down by underfunding and privatisation, and understandably they're getting angry.


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