A healthier environment for us all

Our NHS is there to treat us when we get ill, but it is far better if we can prevent illness, rather than having to suffer and treat it.

Most of the great advances in health came from public health measures, such as clean water supplies, rather than medicine.

There's a lot we can do today to improve everyone's health. Cleaning up air pollution, an issue on which Natalie has been working intensively with the whole Sheffield Green Party, is one obvious step, with 500 premature deaths a year in Sheffield alone being attributed to it.

More, we should encourage walking and cycling, which will encourage health and wellbeing. Natalie joined the Space for Cycling ride in Sheffield earlier this year, and saw a vision of how the city could be.

As Natalie said in 2015, in a speech to public health professionals in Manchester:

We should ask not what the NHS can do for us, but what policymakers and politicians can do for the NHS.

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