Jobs you can build a life on

Jobs you can build a life on pay a real living wage, provide security and the possibility of advancement and development. That's not what's available to many young people today.

More than 900,000 workers in the UK are now on zero-hours contracts and many of them are young, and would prefer secure, fixed-time, often full-time, employment.

Natalie will work for a ban on zero-hours contracts, and for the minimum wage (to be paid to all workers) to be raised to at least the real living wage level, as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation, of £8.45/hour.

More, Natalie has backed the Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise Campaign (and its Barnsley compatriot), which is calling for a minimum wage in the city of £10/hour - which would both provide security and freedom from worry for workers while also boosting our economy.

That workers under the age of 25 are paid less than their colleagues is a disgrace and affront. And it is an invitation to employers to find ways to ensure most of their workforce leave as soon as they reach the age for a pay rise.

Unpaid internships are a discriminatry blight on many industries, that ensure that only young people who can draw on family financial support are able to work (sometimes for years) without pay until they've got the required experience to secure their first paid post. Natalie is pushing for the government to act to prevent such abuses.

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