Issues: Healthy Environment

Natalie offers

  •  An understanding of the pressing urgent need to act on climate change 
  •  Commitment to community owned renewable energy sources 
  •  Protection for our precious natural world
  •  Policies to support local foodgrowing and making, and farming systems built on healthy soil

We have to live within the physical limits of our one fragile planet.

We have to stop trashing the planet. We can build a far more secure, healthy society while we do that.

That means not only cutting greenhouse gases, but protecting our wild animals and plants, caring for soils and waters. 

The rest of the world, particularly China and many parts of Europe, are powering ahead with renewable energy - with solar and wind already often the cheapest sources of electricity. Britain's being left behind, which is disastrous for our economy, as well as our environment.

We all rely on the environment for our food, our future.


This isn't politics, it's physics. We have to act

The actions we need to take to tackle climate change create the opportunity to build a society that works far better for people.


Clean air to breathe is a basic right

Thirty-seven out of 43 regions in the UK are in breach of legal limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution. South Yorkshire is among them. This is causing premature deaths and ill health.


Protecting wild spaces and rare creatures, while caring for all landscapes

We need to protect our green belt, treasure our remaining wild spaces, but ensure that our whole landscape is managed for the future.


We're treating the planet like a dumping ground

There are 200 plastic bottles sold for each person in the UK every year and 16 million of these end up in our environment each day.


Community-owned renewable energy schemes provide resilience and income

There's an opportunity now to build new networks of community owned, decentralised, resilient renewable energy systems, and to push to ensure that we only use the energy we need.


Farming for the future, locally and sustainably

We need policies to support local food-growing and making, and farming systems built on healthy soil and natural systems.