Protecting wild spaces and rare creatures, while caring for all landscapes

Natalie has a strong track record of campaigning to protect our precious wildlife and natural ecosystems, informed by her scientific background.

In 2017 she was in Edale, in the Peak District, speaking at Hen Harrier Day.

She's campaigned against the unscientific, inhumane badger cull, seeing the damage it was doing on the ground with the Somerset Badger Patrol.

Protecting the green belt has been a focus of her work - we need more homes, but in the right places - and her and the Green Party's opposition to HS2 reflects its massive damage to irreplacable ancient forests and other highly valuable natural environments, as well as its disastrous outcome of focusing money, people and resources even more on London.

The Green Party is calling for the repeal of the National Planning Policy Framework, particularly its presumption in favour of development, and wants planning control back in the hands of local people and governments.

Natalie's taken a particular interest in rare mosses and meres habitats, and she has a soft spot for hedgehogs, whose precipitous decline is a sign of the broader degradation of our natural world.

We can't contain our conservation efforts to small protected areas. We need a whole landscape approach to making our much-degraded world as hospitable to surviving wild animals, plants and ecosystems as possible.


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