Issues: Other Issues

The Green Party has a complete suite of policies on every issue that you could imagine. Please get in contact with Natalie's team if you have any questions about anything you've not found here on the website.




A resilient local economy built on independent businesses

The foundation of our prosperity in Sheffield rests on small independent businesses and cooperatives.


International aid and respect for human rights will make us all safer

Being safe and secure in the world requires investment in international aid, principled positions in defending human rights and democracy and ridding the world of nuclear weapons.


Universal Basic Income: a policy whose time has come

With zero-hours contracts and benefit sanctions, far too many people are being left penniless. A universal basic income would allow security for all.


We need governments reflecting the will of voters

People need to be able to vote for what they believe in, and have those votes represented in parliament.


Our society is failing disabled people

The Green Party wants to abolish the work capability assessment, boost the carers allowance, and restore the Independent Living Fund


Digital privacy and security

The Green Party is a champion of your rights on the internet, both in Britain and in Brussels.


Devolution: it has to be democratic and real

The Green Party believes local people should make decisions about the things that effect them and their communities. That's not the Conservative Party model of devolution.


Representation, decent pay and protection from violence

Natalie has long been a champion of women's issues and supporter of campaign groups.


Justice depends on representation

Equality before the law is a fundamental democratic principle. It cannot be achieved without proper representation.