Issues: Our NHS

Natalie offers

  • A publicly owned and run, and properly funded NHS
  • Respect and decent pay for health professionals and carers
  • A healthier environment for us all

Our health service is in crisis. Greens have pledged to increase health spending to the EU average and have plans to increase taxation on the better off to make this possible.

But to ensure that money is spent well, we need to ensure it isn't funnelled off into private profits. First Labour opened up the NHS to competition, then the Lib Dem–Conservative coalition extended this privatisation. Only the Green party has not colluded in the privatisation of the NHS and we never will. The profit motive has no place in health care.

More, we need to respect our health professionals, pay them properly and tackle our unhealthy environment. Natalie joined junior doctors on picket lines in support of their resistance to Jeremy Hunt's dangerous NHS changes, and marched with nurses, midwives and other health professionals defending their bursaries.

Nurses and midwives have to spend many hundreds of hours of practical work in hospitals as part of their training. By forcing them to pay tuition fees the Tories have hit a new low - making dedicated health professionals pay to work. 


Publicly Owned NHS

We need a publicly owned and public-run NHS, with services free at the point of use


Health Professionals and Carers

We need health professionals and carers to be treated with respect, and paid decently.


A healthier environment for us all

A healthier environment will help reduce pressure on our NHS.