Publicly Owned NHS

Green MP Caroline Lucas has been setting the agenda on reversing the privatisation of the NHS with her NHS Reinstatement Bill.

Drawn up by experts, it would ensure that for-profit companies could have no place in running our NHS.

It also would remove the purchaser-provider split within the NHS, which the Health Select Committee back in 2010 said was costing us £10 billion a year - money that could be spent on health care. The figure would be higher now.

The split was created to allow for privatisation. There's no good reason for it.

In March 2016 Tory MPs blocked debate on the bill. They could do that because Labour MPs failed to turn out to back it.

Contracts are being let for "care for older people", which includes "end of life care". The idea that profits could be made from caring for a dying person - and how much larger the profits if services and staffing were cut back - is obscene.

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