International aid and respect for human rights will make us all safer

We have a weapons-stuffed world. That hasn't succeeded in making us safer.What will deliver security for us here in Sheffield, across the UK and around the world is support for human rights and democracy, and respect for international humanitarian law.

Natalie has long spoken out against British arms exports to Saudi Arabia, and other human rights-abusing regimes, and championed the cause of nuclear disarmament, given a recent boost by the drive by 113 countries to institute a global ban on these hideous weapons of mass destruction.

Britain has a unique opportunity, as the time of Trident nuclear weapons comes to an end, t have a huge global impact. By becoming the 114th country to join the push for a ban, our action could be planet-saving.

The Green Party believes that international aid should be lifted to 1% of GDP (currently it is 0.7%) and Natalie was delighted by the response of sixth formers at Forge Valley School when she debated that issue before them against a Ukip speaker calling for levels to be cut.


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