A resilient local economy built on independent businesses

Natalie started her working life as a teenager in a small business, an importer and packager of hardware supplies for major supermarkets, so she's acutely aware of the many challenges they face.

With big multinational companies failing to pay their taxes, and often using zero-hours contracts and low wages to cut costs, it has been tough for small independent businesses to compete.

The Green Party is a champion of small businesses, understanding that they can form a rich ecosystem that is the foundation of a strong, resilient local economy. 

With its Steel City traditions and the creativity springing from our universities and colleges, Sheffield should be a leader in what I call the 'Etsy economy' - great products made with skill and care.

We need to make much more of the products we need here in Britain, produce more of our own food and provide quality services that pay a decent, secure wage. That needs thriving small businesses.


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