Representation, decent pay and protection from violence

Natalie was the founding chair of the Green Party Women group, and was for four years a trustee of the Fawcett Society.

She's proud that when in 2012 she took over from Caroline Lucas as Green Party leader, she was the first woman to take over such a role from another woman in British history - although horrified it took that long. In 2015 the Green Party had the highest number of women candidates of any party.

She's worked with many groups of low-paid women workers to seek to improve their pay and conditions, among them the innovative 3 Cosas campaign by university cleaners.

Unions are crucial in the fight to beat the gender pay gap. We also need to remove the fees for bringing discrimination cases.

This year Natalie joined Sheffield's part of the global Billion Women Rising protest against violence. She's supported and encouraged women's refugees and other support organisations, and passionately believes that they should receive stable, secure core funding, not subjected to the vagaries of regular tendering procedures.

She's worked since 2010 with the Women's Environmental Network to join up feminist and envionmental issues, and is a long-time supporter of the Abortion Rights campaign.

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