Smithy Wood - not the site for a motorway services!

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 11th January 2017

On Sunday I found a very productive - if muddy - way to spend the morning, in the beautiful Smithy Wood. The idea that this ancient woodland (and the bell pits that are remnants of mining dating back to the 1400s) might be levelled for a motorway services really is ridiculous.

hawthorne tree bracket funghi on tree 

forked tree



  • ​A wide range of biodiversity
  • A very old, twisty hawthorn
  • The beauties of nature

Happily the Woodland Trust is backing a campaign to save it.

rubbish picked up from woodland
Spending the time plucking plastic drinks bottles out of puddles and extracting them from the middle of brambles really did provide time to focus on the urgent need for replacing these single-use plastics with a bottle deposit scheme - and moving to complete end single-use plastics.
(One good thing, I suspect there would have been a lot more carrier bags a couple of years ago - there were very few, and a lot of those were clearly old.)  Oddest thing I picked up - a car muffler. I don't know what kind of car it was from, but it was very heavy!