Increasing international aid and tackling inequality are not acts of altruism. We all benefit

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 5th June 2017

As The Spirit Level powerfully demonstrated, everyone is better off in a more equal society, the wealthy as well as those with fewer financial resources.

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Let's change the climate: Want to see one of the Green Party's billboards?

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 30th May 2017

This powerful message can be seen at three sites around Sheffield

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The Green Party's principles and values: you can rely on them

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 26th May 2017

I've been taking a look back over what I was saying in the 2015 election. It matches what I'm saying today.

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Supporting Barnsley Needs a Pay Rise

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 1st May 2017

I stressed not only how profoundly obvious is the statement "if you work full time you should earn enough money to live on", but also the economic damage done by low pay.

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Colour, culture and history: the Abbeydale Vintage and Artisan Market

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 30th April 2017

A reminder of the wonderful spaces of Sheffield and how they can allow small businesses to develop and thrive

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Letter in the Guardian: Pay Ratios

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 13th January 2017

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