I am delighted to sign up to STAG street trees manifesto

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 1st June 2017

Sheffield Green Party members and councillors have been supporting the Sheffield Tree Action Groups in their attempts to protect healthy, mature street trees around the city.

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Let's change the climate: Want to see one of the Green Party's billboards?

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 30th May 2017

This powerful message can be seen at three sites around Sheffield

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Mental health - we need funding for services and social change

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 14th May 2017

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives - and yet less than one pound in every hundred spent on the NHS goes towards tackling these issues.

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Air pollution - a wholly inadequate government response

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 6th May 2017

With 37 out of 42 regions of the UK in breach of EU pollution limits, the "plan" weakly says targets can be "reached in most cases by 2021" ... "if local authorities adopt a charging scheme". But this is "not required".

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International Workers Memorial Day: Better red tape than red bandages

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 1st May 2017

Deaths and injuries at work is an issue that I've been concerned with ever since I organised a fringe at Green Party conference half a dozen years ago, with the excellent Hazards Campaign, which has been charting, with increasing desperation, the rapid decline of workplace health and safety oversight.

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Space for Cycling: A ride that shows what's possible

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 24th April 2017

The Space for Cycling ride in Sheffield demonstrated what our city could look like, with the opportunity for young and old, the fit and less fit, to use this practical, convenient, fast method of transport that can help keep our air clean, our streets uncongested and improve our wellbeing.

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