A message to the voters of Sheffield Central

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 8th June 2017

You are voting for one local MP, not in any kind of national tally.

Living in Sheffield Central there is no risk of the Tories getting elected. They get about 10% here, they always get about 10%.

There's no risk of the Lib Dems getting in, as there are huge numbers of students in this constituency.

So you have a straight choice between Labour and Green. That means the result here won't have any impact on who forms the next government. I'd always vote against a Tory government, so you'll get an anti-Tory MP. 

And you have a luxury - if you vote for me and I don't make it, you'll get a Labour MP anyway.

So you can use your vote freely and effectively here - and you could help make history by electing the first Green MP in the North.