National demonstration supports Lancashire anti-fracking campaign

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 27th February 2017

clean energy bill board

On Saturday I crossed the ancient boundary between Lancashire and Yorkshire, one of many people who came from around the country to support the ongoing campaign to prevent planned fracking at Preston New Road. 

More than 700 people gathered at the site, and the signs and messages made two key points: First, that the people of Lancashire, in the form of their elected county council, said "no" to fracking. I was outside the council chamber as that hearing went on, and you could hear the strain in the councillors' voices (the hearing was broadcast to the crowd), with huge pressure being applied by David Cameron and George Osborne showing fervent support for the frackers, but the councillors instead listened to their voters.

Natalie with Tina Rothery

Then London overturned that decision.

The second key message was that there is an obvious, far better alternative - investment in renewable energy and energy conservation. 

It was great to catch up with Tina Rothery, one of the longtime stalwarts of the anti-fracking campaign. She was wearing her "Nana's" apron - and it is grandmothers (and some "honorary" grandmothers among whom I'm proud to number myself) who are at the forefront of this campaign. 

protester with no to fossil fuels placard

One had this simple message: 

But I liked this simple placard, which got across a lot in three words. The frackers proclaim that their industry will create jobs, what they don't account for is the jobs that will be lost in other industries if they are allowed to go ahead - or the alternative (and far greater in number and quality jobs) that could be created with renewable energy and energy conservation.

Coming up next: The No Fracking Way walk, which will be carrying some soil from near the fracking site in Kirby Misperton to Preston New Rd. As organiser Clrr Andrew Cooper said: "As soil from Yorkshire is deposited at the fracking site in Lancashire we'll emphasise that the assault on the environment at one site is an assault on us all." (I'm planning on joining the final day.)