Campaigning against dinosaur industries and for a renewables future

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 6th May 2017

I was delighted to join the Divestment Campaign group of the Sheffield Climate Alliance this morning for a campaigning stall on The Moor.

with the Divestment campaign group and an inflateable t-rex

Helping to break the ice with morning shoppers was a triceratops and a T-rex (inflatable versions).

We were collecting signatures on a petition calling for the South Yorkshire Pension Authority to completely divest from fossil fuels - and invest in renewable energy and conservation technologies instead.

In a partial victory for campaigners, in 2015 it agreed to divest from "pure" coal and tar sands companies, but there's still a long way to go.

The arguments for divestment are the obvious - that organisations supposed to be ensuring our future shouldn't be putting their money into companies that threaten it, but also practical: pensioners are being subjected to the significant financial risk of "stranded assets", that cannot be used and so become worthless.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has been pushing from a complete fossil fuel divestment from the Parliamentary Pension fund.

The next meeting of the SCA Divestment group is on May 17.