Sheffield joins One Billion Rising global protest to demand an end to violence against women

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 15th February 2017

women dance to protest in the peace gardens

Yesterday I was delighted to join the One Billion Rising gathering in Sheffield, which joined communities around the globe in a joint act of solidarity to protest at violence against women. The slogan this year was "Rise, Dance, Disrupt", and dance was what we did in Sheffield, with performers presenting dance with an appropriately internationalist flavour with flair, verve and skill.

Then all (or nearly all), of the 200 or so participants, joined in the Break the Chain dance, with energy, enthusiasm and varying levels of skill I did join in - although carefully down the back, since my attempts to keep in rhythm and step are something the world is probably best protected from. 

women protest in the peace gardens

In between, there was serious talk about how our government, many governments, are failing to take the action that's needed. The lack of funding for victims of violence was one focus. Rape crisis centres and refuges are left to struggle with crumbs of funding, frantic fundraising and continuing uncertainty, when they should receive stable, long-term core funding for the best, and most financially efficient, services. Another was the need for good quality, inclusive sex and relationship education in our schools (something Green MP Caroline Lucas has been fighting for with her PSHE bill). And there was rightful anger at the government's failure to sign the Istanbul Convention.