No education cuts - good luck to the Sheffield-Nottingham marchers

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 2nd June 2017

Yesterday morning I was delighted to be able to cheer on the marchers on the Sheffield-Nottingham People's March for Education

The route was chosen because it started from the former Heeley Bank School, where the first female president of the National Union of Teachers had been in charge, and finished at the former school of the Louise Regan, the current and last president. (The NUT and the ATL are merging.)

But the focus wasn't on history, but the present, the underfunding of our schools planned by the Tories - something the Green Party manifesto plans to address with £7 billion in additional funding.

There's been strong protests against this in Sheffield already - with a public meeting and rally - but this was another chance to highlight the issue.

One of the chants as the marchers set off also referred to another aspects of Green Party policy - our call to abolish SATs and allow schools to provide a broad education for life, rather than being forced to focus solely on exam results.

"Children are more than the sum of their marks." Indeed.