Space for Cycling: A ride that shows what's possible

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 24th April 2017

Around 300 riders gathered on Devonshire Green on Saturday in lovely sunshine, and for an hour road around Sheffield showing just what's possible when the streets are open to all cyclists, young and old, fit and less fit.

This third annual event was organised by Cycle Sheffield and saw a great reception from passersby along the route.

Space for Cycling Sheffield Natalie Bennett

Many parents and children took part, and there was even one canine participant who had an armchair ride in a cargo bike, as did some younger children.

Cycling is an obvious way to tackle our transport issues - reducing air pollution, cutting congestion, improving health. (And with Sheffield's steeper hills, an electric bicycle is an obvious, practical option.)

Just last week a study demonstrated the considerable health benefits of cycling to work.

I didn't manage to learn to cycle until my teens, and when I lived in Bangkok it was something only the truly brave would contemplate, but in London and Sheffield, I've found it a great way to get around.