Trees to save in Dore: Vernon Oak and the Chatsworth Road limes

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 15th February 2017

On Valentine's Day there was a gathering in Dore, with red hearts, fervent messages of love, and original artworks.

heart shaped "save our trees" card heart shaped "give trees a chance" card heart shaped "don't kill this tree" card

The subject was shared among scores of people: Vernon Oak, a magnificent 150-year-old oak tree, much valued by the community, which could have another 150 years of prime life. That's if it isn't cut down by private contractor Amey with the support of Sheffield Council and (because it will certainly take that) South Yorkshire Police. 

community rally around trees

I joined Green councillor Alison Teal in a visit there, where we heard from locals how the council's own independent tree panel had recommended it be saved, but the council has ruled that Vernon is to be cut down anyway. 

Around the corner in Chatworth Road is a magnificent line of lime trees, which locals reported are packed with bees when in flower. They're on a wide road, with big pavements on both sides, yet more than half are scheduled for the chainsaw, despite the fact that their impact seems insignificant, and easily covered by "engineering solutions" such as half-width kerbstones to accommodate roots.

majestic lime trees

This is yet one more part of Sheffield where the services provided by trees to the benefit of human health - cutting air pollution, combatting flooding, providing a healthy environment - are under threat, as the profit of a private company is put before the public good. It's a very obvious demonstration of the failure of the model of providing public services through contracts with for-profit providers.

What's happening here is also what's happening to our NHS, just rather less visibly.