Colour, culture and history: the Abbeydale Vintage and Artisan Market

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 30th April 2017

Saturday was the Sheffield Antiques Quarter quarterly Vintage and Artisan Market, which continues to grow and develop in the wonderful Abbeydale Cinema, with the space behind the screen now opened up for more stalls.

This month, it also continued to host a stunning modern art exhibition, which looked curiously comfortable between the vintage clothing and china stalls.

As always, this was both a display of the creativity of Sheffield, but also a look back in history, with a fashion parade that ran throughout the day showcasing the costumes that would once have graced the silver screen here.

The creative industries, small artisan producers, are a growing and important part of the Sheffield economy - and offer the potential to develop traditional industrial skills and marry them with modern technology and the creativity coming from the universities to build a commercial and retail economy that's unique.

Identikit clone shopping cities have to be a huge risk as internet shopping continues to grow and develop. Being unique, individual, an attraction worth spending time at, has to be a far better model - more sustainable and more lucrative.

The next market will be on the 9th of July.