Votes at 16, youth engagement and tuition fees top debate topics

Posted by Natalie Bennett on 1st June 2017

Yesterday young and first-time voters from around Sheffield got to quiz their candidates in a BBC Radio Sheffield/Sheffield Live hustings, with Harry Gration in charge.

As you might expect, votes at 16 was one issue that caught attention, with the Tory Sheffield Central candidate Stephanie Roe proving wholly incapable of defending her position against the change, the only one on the panel who was.

There was also a lively debate around education and students from BME and poorer communities. I was pleased to be able to make the point that schools cannot be expected to make up the impact of multiple other disadvantages that have impacts on their pupils, from poverty and hunger, to overcrowded housing from expensive private landlords and the impact of the bedroom tax.

You can watch the complete debate here and the Sheffield Star's report is here.