Postal Vote

If you would like to vote for Natalie on the 8th of June but will be busy, away on the day or find it difficult to get to a polling station, you can register for a postal vote by May 22nd. You don't need to give a reason - if this is the most convenient way for you to vote, you can do it.

This means that you will receive a ballot by post to an address of your choosing in advance of election day.  This could arrive up to two weeks before the 8th of June, so think carefully about where you will be, and where you will need to have your ballot sent.

Once you have filled in your ballot, all you have to do is stick it in the postbox in time for it to be delivered back to Sheffield - then your vote will be counted with all the rest!

How do I register for a postal vote?

Registering for a postal vote is really straightforward:

1) Print off the postal vote registration form here.

2) Fill in the form, and post it back to:

Sheffield City Council Electoral Services

Town Hall

Pinstone Street


S1 2HH

3) Keep an eye out for your postal ballot arriving in advance of the election!